The First & Fairest Multichain Launchpad Powered By Arbitrum

Multichain launchpad with guaranteed allocation for all stakersNative DEX for Arbitrum EcosystemCross-chain bridge
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Plunge Pad is the first and the fairest platform for launching projects on Arbitrum. We are not only the first launchpad for Arbitrum, but also the first launchpad to offer a guaranteed allocation to each token holder in the IDO.

Plungepad's decentralized and interoperable platform will enable the launch of carefully vetted projects on the Arbitrum platform to raise capital and drive initial liquidity.

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In contrast to other platforms, there is no minimum $PLG staking requirement. You can stake as little as one token and you will receive a guaranteed proportionate allocation in the IDOs on the platform.

Plunge Pad is more than just a launchpad, we are a full-fledged platform for the arbitrum ecosystem. We are building cross-chain bridges and are developing a native DEX to support Arbitrum.

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Tiers and Staking Mechanism

Guaranteed Allocation For All Stakers.Stake as low as 1 PLGProportionate Allocation Model
Leopard Tier

15% of the IDO allocation

Staking 1 - 99999 PLG
Cougar Tier

35% of the IDO allocation

Staking 100K - 499999 PLG
Jaguar Tier

50% of the IDO allocation

Staking > 500K PLG
Fair and Equitable

Our unique staking and distribution methodology ensures guaranteed participation.

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Community Focused

The emphasis we place on people and teams ensures a successful start for new projects.

Innovative Platform

A Whale-proof launchpad with a robust vetting process and anti-scam protection.

Closed Projects

Recently closed projects.
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PLG on Arbitrum
1 ETH = 250,000 PLG

The Plunge token (PLG) is the native token of our Plunge Pad, it facilitates the launchpad’s operations...Read More

  • Start date14:00 UTC - 25 JAN
  • Hard cap_
  • Round TypePublic
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1 BNB = 30,000 PLG

The Plunge token (PLG) is the native token of our Plunge Pad, it facilitates the launchpad’s operations...Read More

  • Start date14:00 UTC - 25 JAN
  • Hard cap_
  • Round TypePublic
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Crypto Dwellers (DWEL)
0.024 USDT

Crypto Dewellers is a turn based digital card game offering an exciting Play to Earn gaming ecosystem...Read More

  • Start date14:00 UTC - 19th Dec
  • Hard cap125,000 USDT
  • Round TypePrivate
rect shape 1
Crypto League Gaming (CLG)
0.035 BUSD

CLG is a Blockchain backed eSports portal that will allow individual players and teams to earn...Read More

  • Start date13:00 UTC - 28th Dec
  • Hard cap100,000 BUSD
  • Round TypePrivate
rect shape 1
Paycer Protocol (PCR)
0.055 BUSD

Paycer is a bridge protocol that aggregates DeFi and crypto services cross-chain and combines...Read More

  • Start date14:00 UTC - 5 JAN
  • Hard cap100,000 BUSD
  • Round TypePublic
rect shape 1
0.038 BUSD

Cheesus is a multichain DeFi analytical tool that helps you find real gems without getting...Read More

  • Start date14:00 UTC - 25 JAN
  • Hard cap50,000 BUSD
  • Round TypePublic
rect shape 1
0.2 BUSD

Astra Guild Ventures (AGV) is a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO)...Read More

  • Start date14:00 UTC - 21st Dec
  • Hard cap100,000 BUSD
  • Round TypePublic

About the team

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Sam has worked in the cryptocurrency sector for five years and has invested in and helped raise funds for several tier 1 projects. Previously, he worked in investment banking for ten years and is well connected with the actual financial sector.

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Crypto_Blokks is a tech guru, an entrepreneur, a lead software engineer for a high-end company, has assisted various crypto projects technically, backed and invested in some of the top 50 coins.

member 2

Crypto_botter is a semi-retired cybersecurity engineer and developer of blockchain applications. His passion for the blockchain drives him to create the best applications possible. He has contributed to numerous crypto projects.

Partners and Investors


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stage 1Stage 1
  • Team formation
  • Concept
  • Market research
  • Current launchpads assessment
stage 2Stage 2
  • Website launch
  • Light paper
  • Smart contracts developement
  • MVP (Arbitrum beta)
  • Project listings
  • Liquidity Mining
  • Anti-scam contract verification
  • Tiers development
  • Full KYC integration
stage 3Stage 3
  • Social media platforms
  • Token sale
  • Marketing
  • Partnerships and incubation
  • Staking Mechanism
  • Community powered featured project voting
stage 4Stage 4
  • Governance model and DAO
  • Swapping platform
  • Market research
  • Cross-chain bridge and native Arbitrum DEX

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Arbitrum - What is it?
    Arbitrum is a next-generation layer 2 for Ethereum decentralized applications. Its primary objective is to reduce transaction fees and network congestion.
  • How do I add Arbitrum network to metamask wallet?
    Click on the Metamask extension > click on “Ethereum Mainnet” network > click on “Custom RPC” at the end of the menu, and enter the following:
    • Network Name: Arb1
    • RPC:
    • Chain ID: 42161
    • Currency Symbol: ETH
    • Block Explorer URL:"
  • How can Ethereum be transferred to the Arbitrum network?

    You can use the bridge on the Arbitrum network: By sending your Ethereum from Etherchain to Arbichain and paying the fees once, you will have the same amount of Ethereum in your wallet on Arbichain.

    Alternatively, you may transfer the eth to your wallet directly from binance, and it will show up in your wallet on the Arbichain.Read annoncement here

  • When is the TGE scheduled?
    The TGE is scheduled for 12th December.